Islamabad Pearl Enclave

With over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, software engineering, operations, and decision analysis. We have been working in the real estate sector of the most astonishing capital of the world “Islamabad” for decades. During this time we have been keenly observing and learning from the global changes in living styles.

Islamabad Pearl Enclave is the outcome of all the knowledge that we have acquired in this field. Contrary to the notion of taking real estate as an industry, we perceive it as a service to our fellow citizens, and as a result, we present a project that not only caters for the basic essentials of modern living and luxuries but also takes into account the social and physical well being of its residents.

Pakistan's First Solar Tree Equipped Society

Islamabad Pearl Enclave is Pakistan’s first solar tree-equipped society. For safety and better look, we decided to bring a complete solar tress electricity system to the community which is eco-friendly as well as the latest electricity system which is not ever launched in Pakistan.

These attention-grabbing installations generally have a sturdy metal, plastic, or stone base that extends up and out into “branches” on which solar panels are mounted. Beyond this basic structure, there is great diversity in the design of solar tree units, reflecting innovative responses to particular environments, climates, and local energy needs.


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